Update on the JUFA Alumni Scholarship Fund

In 2015 the JUFA Alumni Scholarship Fund was created. This Fund was established to fulfill a desire by alumni to give back to a scholarship that is not only merit based but also will be available to students of all nationalities. Most importantly, unlike some scholarship initiatives in the past the JUFA Alumni Scholarship Fund is an endowment model. This means that no scholarship will ever be paid out of the principal of the endowment, but instead out of accrued interest on the endowment. Basically this translates into the Fund and the scholarship being sustainable, in perpetuity, regardless of future cash flow.
Being part of the creation of this Fund has been incredibly exciting and the Development Committee of JUFA has been overwhelmed with the show of support for the Fund. Thus it is my pleasure to announce that in 2015 — $22,102 dollars were raised for the JUFA Alumni Scholarship Fund.
And we are only getting started! Due to the generosity of an alumnus from the Class of 2007, all donations to the JUFA Alumni Scholarship Fund made until April of 2017 will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000 dollars!
Given all of this very exciting news, the Development Committee has decided to introduce a new 5-year fundraising goal for the JUFA Alumni Scholarship Fund of $100,000. Based on the generosity of alumni in the past year we are confident we will be able to reach this goal. This also ensures that the JUFA Alumni Scholarship Fund will provide for a 2000 Euro per year scholarship in perpetuity.
Again – thank you to all who have donated and participated in building the JUFA Alumni Scholarship Fund so far. We are looking forward to continuing to build up the future with you!

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