The original Jacobs University (IUB) white paper

December 3, 1997
Authors: Rice delegation and Bremen task force

[We] propose the following bold initiative: to create a new private international university in the city of Bremen in the Federal Republic of Germany that will have a mission to prepare science and engineering students to be leaders in the international workplace. Our conception of this new university will be defined by the following characteristics:

It will be dedicate to the highest possible quality standards with respect to the admission of students, the recruitment of faculty, and the execution of its programs of study and research.

It will be an international universityL both students and faculty will be drawn from the city of Bremen, the Federal Republic of Germany, and from Europe, the U.S., and other countries.

It will be a private university with an independent governing board from civic, academic, and industrial leaders from the city of Bremen, from Germany, from Europe, and from participating universities in the U.S.

The curriculum will emphasize selected disciplines in science and engineering. Courses in the humanities, social sciences, business, and law with be part of an integrated curriculum. The undergraduate program of study will be strongly influenced by the U.S. model, but will also incorporate the best features of the German and European models.

Instruction will primarily be in English …

The university will be a leading institution in the deployment of information technology to enrich  teaching and learning. This will include distance learning links between the university and its academic partners in the U.S.

It will be a research university …

It will be a residential learning environment. Students and faculty will live on campus. Sports, cultural and social events will be encouraged to promote interaction and learning outside the classroom. 

[There then followed a series of implementation steps and recommendations for administration and governance.]

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