Ronny Wells Scholarship

On April 8, 2017, the Constructor University Foundation of America announced that the endowed scholarship supported by the CUFA Alumni Scholarship Fund will be named the Ronny Wells Scholarship in dedication of Ronny Wells lifetime of achievement and service to Jacobs University. 

Dr. Raymond Wells was fundamental to the establishment of IUB / Jacobs University Bremen / Constructor University Bremen. Indeed, it was the fateful call from Dr. Hans-Otto Peitgen to Dr. Raymond (Ronny) Wells on the morning of October 22, 1997 that connected the City of Bremen to Rice University and set the stage for the establishment of Jacobs University. Ronny played a critical advisory role in the early days of the university and contributed to the establishment of the IRC and Constructor’s trans disciplinary approach to education. Ronny also had the foresight to establish an official non-profit in the United States, the Constructor University Foundation of America, such that Americans could contribute to the University and receive tax benefits. Ronny served in leadership roles in CUFA for over nine years, and continues to serve on the Board of the Constructor University Foundation of America today. Ronny’s role in the establishment of Constructor University is so fundamental that he has literally written a book on the history of Jacobs. His legacy will live on through the future generations of Ronny Wells Scholars whose tenacity and optimism are sure to bring about a brighter future for all.


Ömer Güzel

Global Economics and Management | Class of 2026

Ömer Güzel is a student who is committed to making a positive impact in the world. As the co-founder of ResQme, an emergency innovation project, Ömer focuses on leveraging technology to improve emergency response times in developing countries. With a passion for addressing the challenges posed by natural disasters, Ömer’s work revolves around connecting affected individuals with volunteers and resources, ensuring efficient and effective communication in times of crisis. Through his experiences and collaborative mindset, Ömer strives to use his skills and expertise to bring together diverse networks of people and resources, fostering positive change and contributing to a more equitable and just world similar to the legacy of Ronny Wells himself.

Kaela Emily Banda

Mathematics | Class of 2025

Hey! I’m Kaela, a student at Jacobs University studying Mathematics. I’ve spent my whole life going to schools in different countries around Africa: namely Zambia, Kenya and Zimbabwe. As a ‘third culture kid’, I have always been fascinated by the diverse networks of people that I have had the pleasure of coming across throughout my life. I am always intrigued to find out just how much of an impact our different upbringings and cultures have on the way we approach complex problems and attempt to solve them. While I was in high school, I fed my curiosity by attending conferences, such Round Square, World Scholars, and Model United Nations, to expose myself to diverse groups of people and learn from the ways in which they approach problem solving. Being once again immersed in a diverse community at Jacobs University helps me continue learning from those around me and work collectively to come up with innovative ideas in all my different spheres of involvement

Zain Ahmed Samdani

Robotics and Intelligent Systems | Class of 2024

I’m Zain Samdani, an undergraduate studying Robotics and Intelligent Systems at Jacobs university. I come from India and have been raised in Saudi Arabia. I’d describe myself as a robotic enthusiast and an expressive artist sparked to make fiction a reality and aid humanity. In 2015, to help my paralysed uncle, I’ve started working on a project called ExoHeal, an exoskeleton that combines robotics and neuroscience to help paralysed patients recover 30% faster. For which I was selected as a Global Finalist in the google Science Fair(2016 & 2019) and have been honoured as a Global Teen Leader(2019) and an Ashoka Young Change-Maker(2021). Since then, I’ve brought together a team of 5 people from diverse backgrounds to help expand the movement and help paralysed patients have a faster and affordable recovery. Jacobs University’s modular structure grants me the freedom to choose from a range of modules equipping me with the necessary skills to address real world challenges. I’m immensely honoured to receive the Ronny Wells Scholarship. In line with Ronny Wells’ legacy, I aim to use my experience at Jacobs to solve real world problems and make a positive impact in the world!

Other Scholars
Deijona Azir Brown
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