JUFA Names Ronny Wells Scholarship

The Jacobs University Foundation of America is excited to announce that it is naming its next endowed Scholarship the Ronny Wells Scholarship in dedication of Ronny Wells and his lifetime of achievement and dedication to Jacobs University Bremen. 

Dr. Raymond Wells was fundamental to the establishment of Jacobs University Bremen. Indeed, it was the fateful call from Dr. Hans-Otto Peitgen to Dr. Raymond (Ronny) Wells on the morning of October 22, 1997 that connected the City of Bremen to Rice University and set the stage for the establishment of Jacobs University. Ronny played a critical advisory role in the early days of the university and contributed to the establishment of the IRC and Jacobs trans disciplinary approach to education. Ronny also had the foresight to establish an official non-profit in the United States, the Jacobs University Foundation of America, such that Americans could contribute to the University and receive tax benefits. Ronny served in leadership roles in JUFA for over nine years, and continues to serve on the Board of the Jacobs University Foundation of America today. Ronny’s role in the establishment of Jacobs University is so fundamental that he has literally written a book on the history of Jacobs.

The Jacobs University Foundation of America has raised $40,000 of their $100,000 goal for the Ronny Wells Scholarship Fund. The first Ronny Wells Scholarship will be awarded to an incoming student in the fall of 2017. The next scholarship will be awarded upon meeting the endowment goal. If you are interested in contributing the to the Ronny Wells Scholarship you can donate here

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