The Howard Resnikoff Scholarship (not active)

This scholarship is not being awarded anymore. The last scholarship holder of the Howard Resnikoff Scholarship was Julian Rittmayer.

A minimum of €5000 awarded annually as a scholarship to a North American undergraduate student enrolled at Jacobs University. The scholarship is given in honor of Howard Resnikoff, founding member of the Board of Governors of Jacobs University.​ This scholarship is not funded by JUFA, but by Jacobs University directly. Since Howard was so active and instrumental to and through JUFA in the last years, we have the honor of helping in the selection of scholars and we provide an active network in the US for their future career development.

​Howard L. Resnikoff founded Aware, Inc., a mathematical engineering company that develops algorithms and chipsets for high-speed modems and compression software for quality-demanding imaging applications, where he was President and CEO. 
Previously Dr. Resnikoff was Associate Vice President at Harvard University; Chairman of the Department of Mathematics at the University of California, Irvine; and Professor of Mathematics at Rice University. He is a recipient of the U.S. Senior Scientist Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and has twice been a Visiting Member at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J. 

In addition to being instrumental for the Jacobs Foundation of America, Howard Resnikoff served on the Board of Governors of Jacobs University Bremen in Germany 1999-2009.


Julian Rittmayer
International Business Administration | Class of 2018
My name is Julian, and I am a German-American dual national majoring in International Business Administration at Jacobs University Bremen. I was born in the great golden state of California, but have called many places “home” throughout the years. I chose to study at Jacobs in order to reconnect with my German roots, whilst staying connected with the international community. People who know me, know that I am the kind of person who jumps at every opportunity, constantly finds new ways to challenge themselves and never takes the easy road. Jacobs enabled me, often even encouraged me, to do all those things and more, to grow into the person I am today. I am now in my final few weeks at Jacobs University, and looking forward I hope to continue the upward trajectory I am on. I don’t know where in the world I will be in 5 years, or what I’ll be doing, but I hope that I never lose the passion that got me here.
Abbey Taylor
Integrated Cultural Studies | Class of 2014

My name is Abbey and I am a 2014 graduate of Jacobs University where I majored in Integrated Cultural Studies. When deciding on where to go to university, my first priority was finding somewhere I could expand my worldview beyond the small town in Missouri I grew up in, and I specifically wanted to do this in an international setting. I decided on Jacobs because of its focus on diversity, academics with a mix between research and liberal arts, and the strong financial support I was able to receive to facilitate my education. After graduating, I moved to Munich where I completed a yearlong internship in cinema management. I went on to pursue a Certificate in Film Preservation from the L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation held at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, NY. Since then, I have held positions in film preservation at the Library of Congress-Packard Campus for Audiovisual Conservation in Virginia, the National Film and Sound Archives of Australia in Canberra, and Northeast Historic Film in Maine. I am currently working at Sundance Film Festival in Utah doing community outreach. In five years, I see myself continuing my work with film in the community as a means of entertainment, education, and social impact.

Other Scholars
Jan Brenstein | Megan White | ​Alexandra Greig
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