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Why do our alumni donate?
Kevin (’09,’11) and Mihaela (’11,’13) Korte
Having met at Jacobs University, our Alma Mater will always have a special place in our memories. Beyond the influence on our personal life, the fact that today we could travel the world and have someone to talk to on every continent is still leaving an impression. It is our deepest belief that this connectedness enables us as individuals, but also the humanity as a whole, to grow beyond our daily squabbles and reach new heights. As parents of two young children, we see that there are a growing number of “global challenges” that they will face soon, and only through ever better education and research we can all look into a brighter future. With our donation to JUFA, we wish to help one new student to attend Jacobs and make a difference. We sincerely hope that others will join, as any sum matters.
Sarah Ann Masiello (’08) 
I grew up feeling different and as though I never quite fit in, since I was a third country kid (my parents were both of different nationalities than the country I grew up in). Jacobs was the first place to make me feel normal, and I finally felt at home. Giving back makes me feel like I’m giving another person that chance to belong. I love how the friendships and connections I made there are still as close now (if not closer) than when we were all hanging out together in study sessions at Mercator or Krupp. On top of that, the value of the education I received prepared me for the next steps in life in ways I am still discovering now, over a decade later!
Cornelia Scheitz (’07)
I believe in the power of education. Not only does it create knowledge, it also  builds confidence, and breaks down barriers to opportunity and it can often be the key to a better life. Education is my passion, I am a lifelong learner and I want to support others in learning. I donate my time to nonprofits educating the next generation but have also taught in a prison. Education opens doors – this is true across all ages, but especially kids. This is why I donate to Jacobs University – because my donation directly enables a young adult to realize this opportunity. Why not sponsor a different university? Because they don’t have the international and need-blind aspect. The most powerful experience from me at Jacobs was meeting people from different countries who didn’t have this opportunity readily available to them. I want to help break down barriers – and donating to JUFA, even just $500, makes a tangible difference in someone’s life.
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