Scholarships, fellowships, and support are provided to Jacobs University students with the support of alumni around the world. Some, like the Claus Halle Scholarship, were established in honor of Constructor University Foundation of America members, while others will be sustained by donations from generous CUFA members.
Notably, CUFA is currently expanding a scholarship fund that provides a sustainable, merit-based partial scholarship. This is the first alumni-driven scholarship from CUFA, and you are warmly encouraged to contribute to the fund. Donate here.

Current Scholarships

​Established in 2015, the CUFA Alumni Scholarship Fund allows alumni to contribute to a sustainable, recurring, merit-based scholarship for students worldwide. The future CUFA Alumni Scholarship will be awarded out of interest accrued on the fund, to ensure its sustainability. The fund aims to raise US$100,000 by 2020.

The Constructor University Foundation of America is committed to high-quality international education for all, regardless of nationality or financial status. Thus in 2015, we established the CUFA Alumni Scholarship Fund, to give hard-working students access to a Jacobs’ education. The Fund follows an endowment model, meaning that no scholarships or rewards will be paid out of the principal of the endowment, but instead from the interest paid on the endowment. This is important because it is ensures the fund will be sustainable in perpetuity.

The first scholarship awarded in 2017 is the Ronny Wells Scholarship. Click here for more information.

Claus Halle Scholarship

A €5000 scholarship awarded annually to a North American undergraduate student enrolled at Constructor University. The scholarship is given in honor of Claus Halle, founding Chairman of CUFA, and is awarded from an endowment.
Click here to learn about the recipients and to read more about Claus Halle.

Ronny Wells Scholarship

On April 8, 2017, the Constructor University Foundation of America announced that the endowed scholarship supported by the CUFA Alumni Scholarship Fund will be named the Ronny Wells Scholarship in dedication of Ronny Wells lifetime of achievement and service to Constructor University. ​
Click here to learn about the recipients and to read more about Ronny Wells.

Constructor Alumni - Generation Fund

The Generation Fund provides loans to incoming freshman. Students receive the loan over the course of their degree, and begin repaying it once they are employed. The first loans will be awarded in 2016. Alumni worldwide can contribute to the sustainable fund. Click here for more information.

If you are interested in contributing to any of the funds above simply click here to donate. For more information about any of the current scholarships or funds please contact Kevin Korte at

Past Scholarships/Fellowships

Founding Dean Fellowships
Founding Dean Fellowships were awarded to outstanding first-year research graduate students at Constructor University. The Gerhard Haerendel Founding Dean Fellowship was awarded in the School of Engineering and Science, and the Max Kaase Founding Dean Fellowship was awarded in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. €100,000 was donated to Constructor University for the Founding Dean Fellowships, which were awarded over a period of five years.

Mathematics Research Fellowship
The Mathematics Research Fellowship was a three-year fellowship awarded to an outstanding graduate student in mathematics at Constructor​ Universit

Research I
​CUFA, with the support of the university administration, established the Howard Resnikoff Mathematics Common Room in Research I. The Common Room is a place for mathematics faculty and students to use, to encourage communication and discourse in this fundamental field of science.

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